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The Tavistock Half Marathon

incorporating the Primary Schools Challenge

Sunday 30 March 2014



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Latest on 31 March 2014 . . .

  • Individual results updated with one of our mysteries solved (position 130).

  • A small selection of photos right include, from the top, our race winner Shaun Antell from Bideford AAC, Jo Meek who was first lady home and broke the female course record in doing so, the mass start of one of the three Primary Schools Challenge races and charity runners Hannah Shead and Johnny Mercer who, as part of a team of six runners, were raising money for Trevi House, a Plymouth based charity supporting women and children who experience drug and alcohol mis-use issues.

  • A list of male and female winners from all 5 Tavy 13s has been added to the 'about' page for posterity.

Latest on 30 March 2014 . . .

  • Well, we promised you sunshine . . . and we delivered! We promised you a great day out and . . . . well you be the judge of that and let us know (email General enquiries using link below). We forgot to mention the hill at mile 6 though!!!

  • Provisional results of the Tavy 13 are here >>>. Note that there are question marks against 2 positions where we may have missed the number of the runner even though we seem to have recorded a time. If the rightful owner can contact the entry secretary using the entry enquiries link below that would help solve the mystery.

  • Prize category winners are here >>>. Congratulations to Shaun Antell who won the race and Jo Meek who defended her crown and broke the Ladies course record in doing so.

  • And, team top 3 results are here >>>.

  • We really hope you had a great day. We did. A lot of people put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Thank you to everyone concerned.

  • And thank you to Gibbs Kirby our main sponsors as well as all the others who gave Tavistock Athletic Club their support including Sweatshop, Tavistock Lions and many others.

  • And a word about the Primary Schools Challenge. What a success that was with 245 children from local primary schools completing their own half marathon in style in the sunshine on the track. A great success story.

  • Feedback - we would love to hear from you. Use the email address link below or go to Facebook through the link right. If you won a prize get a photo (before you eat it . . . or perhaps after) and post it to Facebook.

  • We hope to bring you a small selection of pictures of the event here soon and here is a link to the website of Charles Whitton Photography, the official photographer who will have a great selection coming soon which, no doubt, will include you as you came across the finish line

Please note - we have moved to a new website address - www.tavy13.co.uk (the least said the better about the rogue web-hosting company we used for tavy13.com!).


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